Cat Care


Happy guest enjoying new cattery home
Happy guest enjoying new cattery home

If your pet has any specific health concerns and requires medication please inform us at the time of booking so necessary veterinary advice can be sought. We have vast experience of administrating medication and have a close working experience with a local veterinary practice.

At Cats Country Club we are aware that leaving your pet can be difficult, therefore we want to take the worry out of the situation so you are free to enjoy your time away, therefore we encourage the following:-

  • Bring a blanket/bed/soft toy from home for your cat so that they have a familiar smell with them during their stay
  • Owners are welcome to settle their pet into the chalet themselves and spend some time with them to ease the transition
  • Feliway spray can be provided to provide pheromone relaxation for those ‘more reluctant guests’
  • Pre-booking viewings can be arranged for your peace of mind